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A wedding reception? A night at the opera? Not exactly. Close, but no cigar. Pop culture phenomena such as "Twilight" have fed a public fascination with the garlic-averse bloodsuckers. But some people take their affinity for the nosferatu a step further, dressing - and acting - the part. The communities are very tight-knit and stay together for years and years. The thing is, it is very hard to reach them. So what you have to do, and what happens in central Europe, is you have to gather.

Dirk Standaert and Viona ielegems, husband and wife, are two people who provide opportunities to do just that. Several times each year, the Belgian expats open up their palatial century-old estate in the dense forest just north of Magdeburg to members of the community. Their last gathering in late September was titled Danse Macabre.

Dozens of vampires from across Europe - and even as far away as Mexico - attended. Though often pigeonholed as being similar to the Goth scene, which thrives in Germany and manifests itself in large events like the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig and Amphi Festival in Cologne, experts say the vampire community isn't exactly the same.

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For one, it's a much smaller scene. According to Sebastiaan van Houten, author of several books on the vampire community, another difference is that while Goths may be preoccupied with death and morbidity, vampirism is oftentimes a celebration of life - a belief in living in the moment and enjoying unique experiences.

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There's already enough preoccupation with death out there. Van Houten would know. A certified dental technician who's been making fangs since , his clients have included "Twilight" actress Ashley Greene. His work as a fangsmith has also led him to another vocation: host of the Endless Night Vampire Ball. The next edition of the semi-annual event - which has previously taken place in Paris, New York and New Orleans - is on November 23 in Berlin. Standaert takes a similar view. While films such as "Twilight," television shows like "True Blood," and countless novels have helped transform the public's perception of vampires from the monsters they were when Bram Stoker first published Dracula in , the effect on the actual vampire community has been minimal.

It has brought some different people into the community, but they don't stay because they think the whole thing is too serious.


Hardware Hardware. Coteries of New York presents the struggle for power between two vampiric factions: Camarilla and Anarchs among the iconic buildings and night lights of Big Apple. It's a single-player narrative experience, set in a rich, fully licensed, globally recognized universe of Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.

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Publisher: Draw Distance. Teilen Einbetten. It's a unique, atmospheric, single-player narrative experience, set in a rich, fully licensed, globally recognized universe of Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition. Choose your character from one of several distinct Clans Every playable character offers unique powers Disciplines , different ethical approaches to certain issues, and dialogue lines Character-oriented quests allow you to create your own coterie and shape your relations by reinforcing NPC loyalties Highly replayable - choices made in the game are reflected by the game's changing fiction Various endings depending on your actions - which conclusion will you reach?

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Suitable for both Vampire: The Masquerade veterans, and fans of mature narrative-driven games who are newcomers to the setting The game does justice to the mature themes of the World of Darkness, and takes advantage of the excellent atmosphere of the source material. It also creates new stories, which, thanks to the full creative license, will be incorporated as official lore of Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition. Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York aims to translate the complex and fascinating world of vampires, their nightly struggles for power and attempts to hold on to their humanity, to a format previously unexplored by the brand - an atmospheric narrative experience.

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Think interactive story meets choices-that-matter; dark, atmospheric, emotional narration meets Telltale-like way of creating morally challenging dilemmas, answers to which are entirely up to the players, allowing them to reach one of a variety of possible endings. How does Coteries of New York play? You act as a newly-fledged vampire in New York. You have to learn what it means to be one of the Kindred in a huge, vibrant, contemporary metropolis.

You will perform tasks that will put test your humanity and take part in a complex and often brutal struggle for power between the Camarilla and the Anarchs.

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Clearly the above three paragraphs are merely a shorthand attempt to sum up a practice that probably merits an entire research paper, but hopefully it may be sufficient to satisfy the question in this instance! Eine Nacht des Grauens revision of Nosferatu. German 8-page programme; copy in Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek Archiv. Both stills of Wolkoff Orlok are different from the original film and this appears to be is an uncredited non-Schreck actor or stand-in, with distinctly campy make-up. Also see comments section below. Censorship: Produced by Deutsch-Film-Production D. Bill… Eyes Open!

This appears to be the original version of the seemingly retouched photo in the programme above and the basis for the Spanish poster below. Note its close resemblance to the photo on page 6 of the programme above. The window is arched, not square and partly boarded-up, as in the original film. It also contained some entirely new footage. This included a scene at a wake, and a variety of pastoral sequences depicting rural life.

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Also appearing was Hans Behal as a priest. So you see, the idea of giving Count Orlok a voice really is nothing new. I have no idea why this is, but you can ask them here. For all that, it still deserves to be seen more widely. Albin Grau watercolour poster design for the Berlin Cinema at Alexanderplatz.

Orlok in print: books on Nosferatu, Grau and Murnau.

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Larsen and Patrick Stanbury for help with this series of articles. I started Brenton Film because I love film — quelle surprise! Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Austrian poster by Albin Grau. US Film Guild Cinema advert, Watercolour artwork by Albin Grau. German poster by Albin Grau, rear.

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