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Even the Khedive had tried to appropriate and employ them against us. And thus, this force has come to me without my spending a dime Even as peace with the Italians appeared to be on the horizon, on August 30 Enver wrote of the opening of school facilities in the fortress of Guebgueb. In the same letter in which he expressed his concerns of a rebellion in Albania and war clouds forming over the Ottoman Balkan territories, he detailed his enormous efforts in educating the people of Cyrenaica.

The territory could only be recovered for civilization via its people. To create such a port of refuge meant that the territory would have to be emptied of its inhabitants, first discursively through the denial of an Ottoman nation-state and second physically through occupation, conquest, and subjugation to a settler-colonial force. For Enver, on the other hand, the territory itself was merely the staging area of an Ottoman mission civilisatrice that could restore Ottoman hegemony over the region through the educating and disciplining of a potential citizenry.

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Had an Ottoman Orientalist style state-building persisted, the results may have been far more amenable to the Libyan population. And yet, nationalist designs on Libya, whether Ottoman or Italian, concur in their idealization of space — both set out to build on Libyan soil a definable modern national space that would separate it from similar spaces constructed on its flanks. The Italo-Turkish War was thus intended to complete the nationalization of the Mediterranean.

The work is a translation and compilation of documents of the Italian General Staff on the conduct of the war. The book contains a selection of official government documents and private accounts of Italian colons and soldiers. Immagini e documenti sulla repressione coloniale italiana in Libia , Ma n duria, Lacaita, , p.

Zwischen Fremdherrschaft und nationaler Selbstbestimmung , Deutsches Orient-Institut, , pp The collection of these letters is in itself quite a story.

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Taurus, Schwartz, Simon contends that the Sanusiya, with all their misgivings about Ottoman Sunni Orthodoxy, never desisted from referring to the Sultan as the leader of the believers. His dissertation, Ottomanism at War , explores the social and cultural impact of war on Ottoman constitutionalism. They can be distributed on the condition that you attribute the work to the author and licensor, you do not modify the original contents and you do not use them for commercial purposes. The quotation of excerpts however is always allowed, in accordance with the law. Diacronie Studi di Storia Contemporanea.

Sommario - Documento successivo. Riassunti Italiano English. Sommario 1. The Geographical Imaginaries of Libya. Nationalism, Territory, and an Ottoman Mission Civilisatrice. Testo integrale PDF k Condividi questo documento. Immagini e documenti sulla repressione coloniale italiana in The coll The Ottoman Involvement in Libya during th Inizio pagina.

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Bottino, R. ABSTRACT: A learning path supporting the development of Computational Thinking skills in students of the last years of Primary School was defined and tested in a case study involving a grade 5 class and their teacher for the whole school year. The project aimed at involving all the students regardless of their personal interest, as a standard school activity.

Their skills increased along the project and students demonstrated to be on the right path to develop a complete and autonomous approach to Computational Thinking. Nevertheless, a longer time span would be needed to for students to master deeply the new concepts and tools. Sometimes abstraction can be difficult and concrete activities are needed to introduce new ideas. Furthermore, students showed little autonomy and a limited use of the social aspects of the chosen programming environment. Devoting a longer time to the learning path would help fostering these skills.

Finally, a close integration of the learning path with the school curriculum is envisaged.

Choosing apps for rehabilitation, learning and leisure activities involving visually-impaired children. ABSTRACT: Digital technologies play an important role in the field of low vision, particularly in early rehabilitation efforts to sustain visual capacity and stimulate the other senses so as to prevent the emergence of any global development deficit. Among the vast range of digital technologies available today, tablets and the apps that run on them hold a particular fascination for children. This also holds true for children who have visual impairments, as these tools can motivate them to concentrate on tasks and regularly exert visual effort as part of their rehabilitation regime and general growth.

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However, in order for these gains to materialize, a wide range of suitable apps must be available that visually-impaired children can use in rehab with therapists, at school with teachers, and at home with family members. At first sight, such access may not seem to be a problem, given the wide variety of products available in app stores and the existence of authoritative inclusion-oriented services providing general support and guidelines.

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However, finding and choosing specific apps that different visually-impaired children can use in various contexts and for different purposes rehabilitation, learning, leisure is actually not a straightforward matter at all. Faced with this challenge, various users and their networks of supporters have initiated spontaneous self-help efforts by informally sharing opinions and experiences online; in this way they foster the exchange of unstructured and heterogeneous information pertinent to the concerns of many visually impaired people.

To support these grassroots efforts, enrich them with research expertise, and provide the structural support necessary to upscale them, the authors of this contribution have undertaken a research project starting from the definition of the key features of apps that make them more or less suitable for use by and with visually-impaired children in different contexts. The idea is that a working knowledge of these key features will allow therapists, teachers and families to guide users in choosing apps that suit different needs and purposes.

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As part of the project activities, a group of therapists with solid experience in the low-vision field analyzed mainstream products available in app stores, gauging the affordances and hindrances these might present for visually-impaired children. This evaluation process was coupled with, and informed by, field tests involving therapists and visually-impaired children working in tandem.

The platform blends systematic, structured data from recognized experts and vital know-how and practical insights from end users regarding the usability of apps usable for rehabilitation, education or leisure activities. Hence, Sharehab is a collaborative effort helping to guide people in the choice of the most suitable apps for use with and by children with different degrees of low vision, applicable in various contexts and with different purposes.


ISBN: X. Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited. In the first phase of the project, an introduction to coding with Scratch was carried out. Each group chose the game they wished to develop among a restricted number of possibilities. Twenty game based training sessions were set up along the whole school year, involving two experimental classes, while another two classes served as control group.

Results show a statistically significant improvement in the experimental group when compared to the control one for nearly all the indicators considered, confirming the initial hypothesis.

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Classi ibride e inclusione socio-educativa: il progetto TRIS. Benigno V. Franco Angeli, Milano. Serious illness prevents many students from attending school on a regular basis and can lead to long-term absence from the classroom.

The consequent isolation impedes socialization and educational exchange between homebound students and their schoolmates, as well as interaction with their teachers. Moreover, these students face serious difficulties when they eventually manage to return to school. The main aim of the project is to develop a flexible and scalable intervention model for integrating homebound leaners. This is based on active and engaging learning approaches and is designed for application to a wide variety of long—term absence situations.

Una classe ibrida inclusiva per promuovere relazioni e apprendimenti. Nea Scence, 5 11 , Essediquadro: formazione qualificata e certificata sulle tecnologie per l'inclusione. Nel contributo, si illustreranno le caratteristiche della piattaforma e si presenteranno alcune considerazioni sulla sua fruizione.

ABSTRACT: Thanks to their peculiar features and their employability in collaborative activities, Tablets can be really helpful in fostering the inclusion of children who cannot attend school for medical reasons. The results are likely indicating that teachers do recognize and use the Tablet as a useful tool for the inclusion of the homebound student, but they do not use it in other activities as it is still perceived as too demanding in terms of efforts and time. Franco Angeli. In questo contributo vengono riportati gli esiti di una ricerca volta a esplorare gli effetti inclusivi di una classe ibrida frequentata da studenti con patologia cronica confinati presso la propria abitazione.

Web 2. ABSTRACT: Visually-impaired children require early introduction of visual rehabilitation measures, which should accompany them throughout their childhood. Such intervention programmes generally have two main objectives: 1 to maintain and develop visual capacity; 2 to stimulate the other senses so as to prevent any global development deficit. Today, digital technologies play an important role in rehabilitation sessions.

Therapists often use digital technologies created specifically for visually-impaired children, together with other more attractive digital technologies that children can use at home or school to continue practising. The latter can include videos, animations, audio-visual fairy tales, interactive environments, etc. These resources undoubtedly represent an invaluable aid for enhancing and consolidating long-term rehabilitation programmes.

However, parents and teachers often experience difficulties finding and evaluating effective resources, while therapists are often unfamiliar with the full range of materials that can be used with visually-impaired children. So the need arises to make available a wide variety of up-to-date resources that are organized and classified on the basis of actual field testing.

In this way, users can quickly find the digital resources they need. This project draws on both traditional and innovative ways of generating information, adopting an approach that leverages the contribution of the community. Un gioco virtuale per l'orientamento spaziale. Dias et al.