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But what can we understand at all? My love for other people, to myself, to eat, to cook, to prepare food, to make this one and to take pictures is the whole blog. Cooking can become a very personal way to happiness - a kind of meditation, fulfillment and happiness. Often the simple activities bring the greatest joy.

Our life has become much faster, more stressful and hectic in recent years. That is why it is so important for me to come to rest, to relax and to refuel. I personally completely forget the time in the kitchen.

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For me, cooking is not only passion, but also a way to show the brave people my love for them. I love to live together with my friend, the neighbors, the family, friends, guests with a delicious food and simply simply enjoy life away.

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This love is felt everywhere. I myself often feel connected with the whole world. It does not matter where I cook, at home, on the road, with friends and friends or in a rustic hut. The love of cooking and the food I celebrate every time anew.

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I love to cook in a relaxed, loving atmosphere with nice music and a glass of wine - in peace, without stress and without the hustle and bustle. Sarah has decided it's time to try her hand at being a chef! She's taken the classes and now she's ready to serve up some tasty treats. Will she avoid her horrible boss, or get caught and get fired Today, Sarah has prepared a delicious lunchtime meal that is sure to breathe new life into your meal breaks at school.

Grab your apron and prepare to excite your taste buds as you prepare this ben Sara's Cooking Class is a great place to learn and practice new cooking techniques. Sara loves to cook and she enjoys teaching other people her delicious recipes. There are many different ways yo About Cooking with Love Bella has the idea that she can always show how much she loves her husband by cooking him some delicious desserts!

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Recommended Games Cooking Bacon Pizza. Pizza is a great food which allows chefs to explore their creativity in creating new and exciting flavor combinations. Today, you're going to learn a recipe that brings together a delicious medley Sara's Cooking Class. Welcome to another fantastic installment of Sara's Cooking Class! Today, Sara is going to teach you a savory recipe fit for any occasion. Kabobs leave a lot of room for creativity as you can fill Cooking Big Breakfast Burrito. It's time to go back to work.

That might mean a long trudge through emails or cracking rocks on the side of the road for some. But for those lucky few, it means ordering gigantic breakfast burrit Cooking chocolate cake. Cook a delicious chocolate cake for your parents and friends or a beautiful event.

Baby Lulu Cooking with Mom. Baby Lulu has always enjoyed watching her mother cook up a storm.

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Now that Baby Lulu has grown up a bit, she's finally old enough to help her mother in the kitchen. This precious chef-in-training Cooking Class Clean Up. If you don't know how to cook, it's easy to make a big mess! That's why you have to know how to quickly clean up the station, and complete each meal before the time runs out, and you have to get t Apple Piglet Cooking Show.

Hey chefs, welcome to a new episode of the Apple Piglet Cooking Show! Today, we have a very special episode. The theme of the show is to be creative and come up with your very own recipe! Mix an Talking Angela Cooking Breakfast. Early in the morning you wake up and decide to play this Talking Angela breakfast cooking game in order to surprise the rest of the family so that when they come down to eat, the table is already s Mia Cooking Pork and Prawn Dumplings. Yep, I do all that. And the book is about making comfort food good for your heart, too.

I never count calories or sacrifice flavor. Instead, I boost flavors by using just the right amount of butter which I love! For example, I always make sure that both my pan and the oil are hot enough when cooking cornmeal-crusted Southern fried catfish. My dishes end up being naturally nutritious. While living abroad, I received a call and found out that my mama was seriously ill.

I flew home right away and was relieved to find that her emergency surgery had been a success.

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I stuffed my biscuits with lean smoked turkey and put together fresh green salads, seasonal fruit, and rich veggie soups. The act of cooking for and feeding loved ones yummy wholesome food is deeply fulfilling. I went through a heart-wrenching breakup boyfriend left me for best friend—you know the story , so I poured myself into my lunch business to shield myself from the pain.

By cooking for others, I was nurturing them with food, and in turn, felt nurtured myself. I expanded the lunch business into a catering company and called it Alchemy Caterers, because I needed it to change my life, to turn the lead in my hurt into gold. I wanted my food to do the same for others and be a conduit for healing.

Alchemy is all about transformation, and I want to change the way you experience food by cooking with love. You have to want to do it. One of the happiest moments in my life—my wedding day—came from doing just that. My husband, Matthew, and I celebrated our marriage with forty friends and family and a group of us prepared the food together. I just let everybody express themselves in the kitchen and it was awesome.

So, are you ready? With all my yummy recipes and tips, get excited to welcome friends and family over for big meals and good times! A little note: Any brand names of products I use in this book are included just because I like them! About The Author. Photograph by Matthew D.